Videosync technology is the future of legal video, syncing the deposition video with the court reporter’s transcript, giving you a side-by-side view of video testimony and corresponding text on your computer. Save time and stay organized by taking full advantage of the numerous incredible benefits that videosyncing offers.


See responsive side-by-side video and its corresponding text. The transcript scrolls along as the video plays.


Save important segments for later reference or display by highlighting text and selecting "Create Clip." These can be played back individually later.


Quickly find any portion of a deposition by searching key words and/or phrases. No more tedious fast-forwarding and rewinding through hours of video, just jump to any section in seconds!


Need a section of the deposition redacted? No problem. Simply highlight the text you want removed and click "Redact" to excise both the text and video from final presentations. It's that easy.


How do I get videosync?

Ask for videosync along with your next video deposition recorded by Envisionary Media. After the deposition, we will create a videosync file using the court reporter's transcript and our video.

What software do I need to view the videosync file?

There are a few videosync viewer softwares that you can use but we highly recommend Synchron Video. It's easy and, most importantly, it's FREE. You can download the software using the links below.

PC: Download

MAC: Download

*Envisionary Media can provide sync files for other videosync softwares. Just let us know what file type you would like and we will try and accommodate your request.

How much does it cost?

$45/recorded video hour (+standard videography rates of $95/hr) 

It saves you time!

(first-time VideoSync users only)

How long does the syncing process take?

We can provide a synced file within 1-3 days of receiving the court reporter's transcript. If a rush job is requested, please note that the court reporter will have their own rush rates.

I have my delivered videosync files. Now what?

Envisionary Media will deliver you (via flash drive or digital transfer) a digital folder that includes all the video files, a copy of the transcript and a videosync file.

Open the videosync file with the previously downloaded Synchron Video Viewer (or your preferred software). If you have not downloaded the Synchron video software, see the links above.

Your Synchron Viewer should now display your video and text!

If Synchron asks you to relink your files, just select the appropriate video or transcript files.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with how the videosync works. Play through the deposition. You can scrub forward or backward on the timeline below the video. Use the search feature at the top-right of the viewer window. Highlight portions of text and use the Add to Clip List or Redact Selection features. Redacted sections can be easily un-redacted in the Redaction tab and created clips can be viewed in the Clip List tab. 

Once you are ready for presentation or trial, you can use the Presentation Mode.


Presentation Mode displays the deposition video with optional text at the bottom for use at trial. Created clips can be played by using the list at the bottom-left of the screen. Easily navigate Presentation Mode at trial rather than the hassle of DVDs and tapes. 

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