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1. start


| the starting point

Call, email, or use the contact form below. Our project manager is a curious guy. He'll ask about your needs, goals, audience, timeline... everything! From start to finish, the project is a team effort. We both want the same thing: a successful and effective end product!


| pre-production

To do the job right, projects require some type of pre-production phase where all the planning and preparation takes place. Here, we develop the strategy, organize and schedule logistics, and assemble all the necessary people, tools and resources to do the job.

2 Pre-Production


| production

This is the execution phase, where the project starts to materialize and concept becomes creation. For Video it's filming. For Photography it's image capturing. For Graphic Design and Web Design, it's building out and creating the designed work. 

3 Production


| post-production

With all the raw materials now in hand, our creative team can now refine and edit the content. In the editing phase, we work to make the product the very best it can be. This includes an in-house quality control review to ensure it meets our own high standards.


| review/refine

We love getting client feedback. During initial review, the project is often good-to-go as-is. Sometimes it needs a tweak, or needs re-worked to get the project just right for the Client. Either way, our goal is to delivery excellence, and a project both the Client and our creative team can be proud having been a part of.

4 Post-Production
5 Review, Refine


| delivery

This is it! With your final approval, you get the finished project. Whether video, image or design files, the keys to a brand new website, printed materials, or some other medium, we work to delivery projects to the highest quality within budget and on time.

So let's get started. Envision the possibilities!

6 Delivery
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