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Travis named Production Manager

We're excited to announce that Travis Beckner has been named Production Manager! In his 8 1/2 years with Envisionary, Travis has exemplified the spirit with which we strive to serve our clients. Travis has exhibited an unwaivering commitment to excellence, creative collaboration and a determined drive to successful completion, all with the goal of meeting our clients' needs and expectations on time and within budget. In short, he does what needs to be done to get the job done, and he does it with humility and an upbeat, positive spirit.

As a multimedia producer, Travis has wide-ranging experience in media production, including video production, photography, graphic layout and design, and web design. He will continue in that role with an emphasis on video production, while taking on new responsibilities overseeing Envisionary's technical pre-production work, ensuring Envisionary's gear and equipment readiness for production. Additionally, he will assist Project Manager Andy Johnson with the technical side of planning, scheduling and coordinating major projects, along with other members of the creative team.

We're grateful for Travis and what he brings to our creative team, and excited for what he will bring to this new role.

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